Monday, April 21

A vision I had of Jesus Christ while in tantric yoga breathing meditation in which I felt energy like none before, like spring rapids of fire on my arms, through-chest, back... back to Jesus.  
He, as men recline, was cast upon a coming of age wilderness, deserted, alone.  As one arm propped his upper carriage he, in wide-eyed wonder (or was it horror?) witnessed an erection.
An ejaculation.
touched by angel? (witnessed, was not creating, that is the Father's job, is it not?)
Here am I, quaking as I am, asking myself, is this a calculated, liberalizing demonic possession? Or Divine Truth?
Jesus, being led to orgasm by a host of angels who are invisible beside his humanity.  Laudeum.


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telos said...

yeah- that's what most people say.
i had this vision, though, i actually did. it was at a men's gathering and a yogi master was walking us through some simple breathing exercises. The exercises were meant to bring you into a deep meditation, but I was really shocked and scared when I started having this vision. That Christian-culture-induced fear of the "other" or sometimes called the "demonic" kicked in and I didn't know whether to trust it or not. But there it was, and I realized that it could have happened even within all the confines of the gospels and the extended theology.

Christian men struggle with their libidos-- it's time that Christ's humanity entered that shame and broke it apart.