Friday, December 12

Just thought I would share with the world a song that has meant a lot to me, "Shackles" by Mary Mary. These girls have stuck with me through many ups and downs and turn-arounds. So many shackles have been broken in my life, and I dance every day!
(apologies for the ad intro...)

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Fiyu Pikni said...

I like to dance too. It's so funny though, because while growing up I never danced in public.

It's sad, but children who excel academically do not partake in traditionally fun activities... society turns them into antisocial, nerds who only want to study.

I remember the first time I danced in public (The Summer of 2002), everyone laughed...not because I couldn't do the move, but because "I" was dancing... sounds ridiculous, I may times I wished I never cared for academics, because then I'd be able to enjoy my high school years.

Thankfully, I never lost focus... How lucky I am to be in a country where I can dance...without fear of ridicule...dancing frees the's best when it isn't choreographed. Anyway, enough about me. I digressed a bit from the aim of your post, but still. that's how you know THAT do modern dance. hehe

cool stuff.